Understanding Financial Due Diligence in an Inflationary Environment

Inflation influences almost any business and, therefore, any deal. Financial due diligence in an inflationary environment requires a deep understanding of the potential impacts of inflation. This post presents a brief examination of three key areas to consider. CPA and adv. Gilad Finkelstein 1. Competitive Positioning and Strategy: The Role of Financial Due Diligence Services […]

How Easy-to-read, Engaging Financial Due Diligence Reports can Maximize your ROI

Stop Wasting Your Time and Money. This is why an Easy-to-Read and Engaging Financial Due Diligence Report is a Must-Have. Adv. (CPA) Gilad Finkelstein When it comes to presenting financial due diligence (“FDD“) reports to the board of directors, it’s not just about delivering a document filled with numbers and jargon. It’s also about capturing […]

3 Benefits of Hiring a Boutique Firm for Your Financial Due Diligence

When it comes to financial due diligence, many companies default to the known giant accounting firms. Here are three (3) benefits of boutique financial due diligence firms that make them the simple, way better option. 1. Cost Boutique firms can often offer similar quality services at a lower cost. It is that simple. At Finkelstein […]

The Purpose of Financial Due Diligence: Understanding the Value of a Target Company

Financial due diligence (usually referred to as “FDD”) is a vital component of any business investment process. As a rule of thumb: the bigger the investment, so should be its FDD. But why do sophisticated investors insist on it being inherent to almost any deal? What purpose does the FDD achieve, and what is recommended […]