Financial Due Diligence

Transition the typical obscene due diligence process with a modern innovative approach.
We strive to deliver executives an easy-to-read, engaging,
and meaningful financial report while keeping them at the center of our attention.


Whether for purposes of acquisition, dissolution, or damage assertion, the firm provides independent valuations of companies, partnerships, and other businesses, using top-notch academic methods alongside extensive business experience

Court Support

Israeli litigation and arbitration often involve a need for financial expertise in the form of consultation, calculation, or independent expert opinion. The firm is experienced in providing all types of financial services as part of dispute resolution.

Term sheet or SPA Consultations

If you are negotiating a term sheet or SPA terms or considering drafting one, we offer consultations as financial and legal M&A professionals.

Tax and other

While not at the core of our expertise, the firm offers a one-stop-shop for all financial needs in a potential transaction using the best consultants in Tel Aviv, including tax, operations, audit, tenders, etc.