Understanding Financial Due Diligence in an Inflationary Environment

Inflation influences almost any business and, therefore, any deal. Financial due diligence in an inflationary environment requires a deep understanding of the potential impacts of inflation. This post presents a brief examination of three key areas to consider.

CPA and adv. Gilad Finkelstein

1. Competitive Positioning and Strategy: The Role of Financial Due Diligence Services

Inflation can significantly shift the competitive landscape where a business operates. Comprehensive financial due diligence services for mergers and acquisitions become vital in this complex environment. Businesses with solid pricing power or those that have hedged their input costs might be better positioned to handle inflation.

Evaluating the impact of inflation on a company’s competitive positioning and strategic decisions is crucial, and financial due diligence services for commercial transactions can play a vital role in this process. For instance, has the company leveraged inflationary trends to increase market share? Has it made strategic decisions, like entering into long-term contracts at fixed prices, to mitigate inflation’s effects?

This is especially relevant in technology companies, where the inflation dynamics can be unique. Due diligence services for technology companies are designed to understand these unique aspects and provide insights that can guide strategic decision-making.

2. The Impact on Revenue and Costs

Inflation can significantly alter revenue and costs. It’s crucial to dive in and evaluate how. Increased costs may need to be passed on to customers, which could affect profit margins. Rising input prices could have a similar effect. Inflation can also modify the value of assets and liabilities, thus influencing a company’s valuation.

3. Debt Structure and Interest Rates

Inflation nowadays correlates with higher interest rates, which directly affect a business carrying substantial debt. An analysis of the company’s debt structure is essential. Identifying the proportion of fixed-rate versus variable-rate debt can reveal potential risks. Rising rates could lead to increased interest expenses, especially with variable-rate debt. The company’s ability to refinance debt in a high-interest environment should also be evaluated.


Inflation can present substantial challenges, but understanding these three areas can provide valuable insights. This knowledge equips founders and investors with the tools to make informed decisions, identify potential risks, and capitalize on emerging opportunities in the face of inflation.

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